In December 2008 I created a small book containing all my favourite images I have taken with my Holga 'toy' film cameras. I designed and edited it using the Blurb self-publishing website. The 20-page book, titled "I Dream In Plastic", is available to buy from the Blurb website at varying prices depending on your selections of paper quality and cover. It is also available to download as a full-colour E-book for GBP 2.49.

(All prices are set by Blurb, and I make no profit from their sales)


Click the image to view a 6-page preview

Click the image to view a 6-page preview

Downloadable E-book


Soft cover


Hard cover with dust jacket


Hard cover with image wrap

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Holgas are medium format lomographic cameras that take 120mm film and produce square shaped photographs. They are known for their low-fidelity images and inexpensive construction. Many models have plastic lenses, and thus can produce interesting radial blurs, dark vignetting, and light leaks. Some models have coloured flashes, and it is not uncommon for Holga owners to customise their cameras to enhance the image distortions. A selection of my Holga photos can be seen in the film photography gallery.